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Let's add some blackness to the green rush!

As an entrepreneurs we know to obtain capital as a start-up is difficult.  To do it in the cannabis field, and as a minority, is nearly impossible.  We want to help you.   We want to focus on those who are essentially starting with a dollar and a dream.  We will be working with business owners, executives, and managers to find ways to mentor, promote, and fund qualified start ups.

Established Businesses

Let's build the network we need!  We will bring together every facet of the cannabis industry.  Where we can find our local black owned dispensary, doctor's office, smoke shop, legal group, financial services, and whatever connection you need to run and maintain your business.


Supporting start ups and new businesses

As entrepreneurs become successful they tend to only support and network with those who have already become successful or those who can provide them with financial gain.  We support money making!  That should be your goals.  But those also tend to disregard those with only an idea and that have yet to make significant profits.

  We want to change this and want your help.  Let's get together and discuss how to continue to get our people involved.

We are now registering businesses for our black collective.  If you have a licensed business or an investor in the cannabis industry please submit your information.  We have an agenda to discuss.

We want to visit every black owned cannabis industry business that is registered with us. 

Every participating business will be featured on our website and Instagram with a straightforward Q&A on the journey of building your business, the community, and future outlook.  We are currently raising funds for the project, looking to begin in December 2018.

Join Us!