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©2017 by Black Cannabis Culture (Mahogany Innovations, LLC)

Since it's inception, Black Cannabis Culture has been a vessel to provide the black community with relevant information about current laws, legalization, and education about the cannabis industry as it was and is rapidly changing.  While also bring light to black entrepreneurs making strides in the industry.

We will continue on this path but will focus on getting the black community in to positions to start businesses and assist those looking to gain employment in the industry.  We will continue to promote black owned companies and building a network around the world for all facets of the industry.

We have and still are a non-profit that has had zero outside funding.  We want to dedicate more time and resources into providing education to the community and boosting entrepreneurship opportunities.

Funding will go directly to hosting events, educational material, attending cannabis conferences and events, and VISITING EVERY BLACK OWNED CANNABIS COMPANY across the US! 

We're growing our team...

Seeking Interns and Volunteers

Web / Graphic Designer

Seek someone(s) to take over the design and maintenance of the website.  Experience with graphic design preferred.  The more experience the better but we do not decline those growing in their craft.  Let's grow together.


All of you!  Send community events in your area and let us know of any black owned cannabis businesses that you come across.

We are looking for volunteers for mutliple facets.  If you have a role that you would like to fulfill please send us a email if you are even if it's not posted.

Black Cannabis Culture has been and continues to be a complete non profit.  Funded and managed by one person.  We will be moving into a for profit format soon.